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Welcome and congratulations on your decision to take advantage of the James Allen Initiative Concise Road Map to a Greater Understanding, perhaps the most influential and rewarding decision you will ever make. We invite you to now relax in the knowledge that something very good has been gifted to you which can ONLY bring positivity into your life.


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"To uphold high professional standards as employees of Barclays Bank we must remain impartial toward any service or enterprise, even those we work with. However, it is my personal opinion that JAI's ethos, services and intent are quite exceptional and I am extremely pleased to be associated with such important and worthwhile work. Congratulations on a fantastic initiative, a first class program and a selfless inspirational fee structure."
Charlotte Key, Business Manager, Barclays Bank PLC.


In my role as Clinical Research Director I organise and oversee the facilitation of clinical trials dedicated to proving and establishing the merit and suitability of innovative medical techniques, hardware and drug therapy.
Unfortunately some of the innovation, which is developed with all the best intention in the world, is more akin to closing the gate after the horse has bolted, with the treatment itself responsible for high levels of pain, suffering and indeed, risk.
For example we spent many years trialling devices applied via invasive surgical techniques aimed and focused on helping those incredibly brave but burdened people we refer to as morbidly obese. We all know prevention is better than the cure, and to this end I feel inspired to make the following statement of truth:
The information and subsequent heightened awareness which the JAI Road Map so masterfully and straightforwardly directs us to is both prevention and cure for all of humanity's fundamental ills, problems and avoidable misery.
Suzanne M. Williams, Mobius Medical, Sydney, AUS.





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